Naz Ibrahim - Wecode Project

Naz Ibrahim Aziz is from Erbil, graduated from college of engineering in the department of software and informatics. Naz was one of the participants of the WeCode project, UX/UI Design bootcamp. She is currently employed as a UX/UI designer at one of Erbil's technological firms, and she continues to grow and improve in this profession on a regular basis.


Naz, a 21-year-old Erbil native, was one of 38 people who took part in the UX/UI bootcamp, which was part of the Rwanga Foundation's WeCode project. By participating in the trainings, Naz was able to gain the necessary expertise and knowledge in this field, and she was able to acquire a position as a UX/UI Designer at a technology business, where she is now working.


"It was a great opportunity for me to join in the WeCode bootcamps because I already had experience in the field and was sure that the bootcamp would provide me with a lot more."  Naz stated in response to the reason for participating in the WeCode project.


"At first I was very eager to be familiar with the way the program was conducted, and then over time I became fully acquainted with the lessons and became familiar with the processes. It was generally nice to participate in the bootcamp, we were tired at times, but we had a great experience in return." she expressed about the way the bootcamp was conducted.


Regarding her relationship with other WeCode training participants, Naz said that they all had the common goal of learning and developing abilities.


"I knew a lot of friends, of course. We were a group of more than 30 students who had weekly lessons and performed our duties in groups, and we all had the same aim, which made it simple to communicate and cooperate."


Improving work abilities was a key part of WeCode's training and Naz calls this aspect one of the best parts of the training.


"For me, one of the most popular parts of the bootcamp was Career Development, because it helped us apply what we learned in the current job market."


Naz guides all youths who wish to participate in WeCode training to set a clear goal for themselves, so that when they feel tired, they can be motivated and continue their path.

"My advice to future participants in the bootcamp is to set a goal from the start to encourage them to continue and not give up. Performing each task is an integral part of learning. Never stop learning and continue even after the bootcamp is finished."


WeCode is an intensive training Bootcamp project implemented by Rwanga Foundation to remotely train youth in KRI with software development skills and provide adequate technical and soft skills to WeCode participants so that they qualify to land their first job as junior software developers. This project consists of different stages. First, a market assessment has been conducted to identify the skillsets needed in the technology companies operating in KRI. Then, through the training Bootcamp of WeCode, the selected youth would be trained on the technical and soft skills requested by the companies. At the final stage, WeCode’s graduates (after receiving complete training) would be introduced to the leading IT and technology companies to be able to work in this sector and take this career path.