Bilal Muslim - Mathematic Competition

Bilal Muslim Muhammad, was born in 2004, he is a resident of Erbil governorate. He started studying at the Sekel School in Choman, he also studied at (Judi, Hana) schools. Currently, he is a student at the (Kurdistan High School for boys).

From the very beginning of his life, he was interested in Critical Thinking and Mathematical subjects, so he was able to develop his skills in this field and made a hobby out of it, to accomplish this, he took advantage of (logical games, analyzing a lot of mathematical questions, ...... etc.)
In addition, mathematics is the basis of all sciences and the most effective basis for studying; thus, he could achieve a high level in other fields of studying as well.
My family were a big supporter for me “After God, my parents were the most important reason for my success," he said.

In 2019-2020 studying year, when he was a 10th grade student, the Rwanga Foundation organized a Mathematics Competition across the Kurdistan region for the 10th grade students, where one student from each school had the right to participate. The competition consisted of four levels and 614 students competed.
After that, the Kurdistan High School administration started selecting students for the competition.  At the beginning, the subject teacher selected some students, but because their grades were close to each other, he decided to choose a student who was smart in answering logical questions, so he chose Bilal.

In the first stage of the competition, he was not able to study much because of school, but was able to study the mathematics curriculum for grades 9 and 10. This activity was a new experience for him because it was the first time he had participated in such competitions. The first stage was a little difficult for him because of the plenty questions and the lack of time, but he answered the questions very well, so he was able to pass this stage successfully.

After announcing the results of the first stage and becoming one of the first 10 in Erbil, he began preparing for the second stage, which was:
Studying the mathematics book of grade 7-8-9 and studying the mathematics book for grade 10, in which due to the Coronavirus, was not explained in the second semester of school. However, taking advantage of YouTube, he was able to study the unexplained subjects, he tried solving as many mathematical questions as possible, especially logical questions. He also tried watching some international mathematics competitions.
After the first stage, he had a good experience with the questions and this became a motivator for passing the second stage.

With a lot of work and effort, he took the second stage exam and was able to succeed.
After graduation from the second stage and achieving the first place on the level of Erbil governorate, his self-esteem and self-confidence increased and he decided to do more to develop his abilities and succeed in the final stage, so he continued on the same educational plan, but with more detail and more effort and more time.
During studying, he created a notebook for recording all the important information and that had great benefits for him.
This preparation and tiredness was not only intended to achieve the first place, but also to develop his abilities and learn new things in the competition, because he believed that if human beings do not learn from the events of their lives, these events have no benefits for them.
He was not afraid of making mistakes in his life because he believed that making mistakes were the reason for progress.    

Pre-final and Final stages:-
After so much preparations and studying, he was fully confident and had felt no stress on the day of the final exam. Although it was a little difficult for him to do the test in front of the camera, during the exam he focused only on answering the questions and used all his abilities to do so. Therefore, he was able to win the first place on the level of Kurdistan region and the title of Mathematics Champion. During the moment of achieving this rank, he decided to use his abilities to serve humanity. 
The competition had a huge impact on his life, which made it more important than ever to consider mathematics, to develop his abilities so that he can serve the community in the future, and participate in other math contests, particularly International competitions.