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1000 Disables, Down syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy Patients in Duhok Governorate Have Receive Food Basket

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 8:50 PM

Duhok, KRI (November 28, 2022) – Rwanga Foundation distributes food baskets to 1000 families of Disables, Down syndrome, and Cerebral palsy patients in Duhok governorate.

The project is an initiative of Rwanga Foundation’s founder (H.E Idris Nechirvan Idris). This project aims to provide them with food basket that contain various daily used food items. Each food basket includes 10 different food products, enough to feed a household of between 5 and 6 people for one month.

Each food basket contains (2 Packs of Rice, 5 liters of Oil, 4 cans of Tomato paste, 5Kgs pack of Sugar, 5 packs of Tea, 4 packs of Bulgur, 4 packs of Salt, 4 packs of Lintel, 4 packs of Pasta, 4 packs of White Bean). The distribution will continue for 6 days and will take place in different locations inside and around Duhok governorate including (Zawita, Bagera, Mangeshk, Chamanke, Sarsink, Qadish, Amedi, Deralok, Sheladze, Zakho (Batova and Begova), Summel, Miserik, Khanke, Shingal, Domiz, Faida, Sharia, Alqosh, Shekhan, Chira, Sharmin, and Akre.

The project was planned based on an assessment that was conducted in coordination with the Disables Right Protection Society in Kurdistan to collect data of the beneficiaries, after the distribution, another post distribution assessment is also planned to be held.


Disables Right Protection Society in Kurdistan has been established in 2004 to support (Disables, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy patients) in Duhok, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah. The patients of Disables, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy need special treatment, services, and continuous support. Five thousand patients who suffer from Disablility, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy exists in Duhok Governorate, most of whom are in need of special healthcare and many of them are in unpleasant situation. Their disabilities and serious situations require an array of services and continuous support.