Rwanga Foundation Publishes Four Books

Thursday, July 29, 2021 6:41 PM

Erbil, KRI (July 29, 2021) – Rwanga Foundation held the final ceremony for the Rwanga Book Project 2021 to publish four books related to the educational process, two of the winner books were in Kurdish language, while the other two were in Arabic language.


In order to follow the precautions taken by the governorate to keep people safe from the Coronavirus. The ceremony was held online with the participation of the four winners, the evaluation committee, the editors, and media channels. The winners of the Rwanga Book project for 2021 were:


-        Methods of teaching during the time (era) of technology (Mohammed Ahmad Mohammed)

-         Methods of teaching (Saman Mam abdulla)

-         Barriers to teaching the English for Iraq curriculum for the elementary stage and proposals to address it from the point of view of teachers and the supervisors of the subject. (Najem abdulla Ali / wathiq Abdulkathim)

-         Aesthetic recruitment for scientific subject in docudrama (Ali Abod Shalash)


Abdulsalam Medeni (Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation) said “our goal from this project is to produce a writer’s mindset and encourage them to write about reality, because civilization is attained by producing a mindset, culture, professionalism, and a technology. We aim to increase the number of writers and readers through this project”.


Dr.Salar Othamn (Deputy Minister of Culture) said “The Rwanga book project is a really important project to improve the reading culture in our community. Gladly, this year the project published in both Kurdish and Arabic languages.


The total printed copies of the books were 4,000 copies, 1,000 copies for each book. After the ceremony, Rwanga Foundation distributes the books to the schools and libraries across Iraq in order to encourage youth to read and encourage the culture of reading.


Rwanga Book project is an annual competition that encourages writers to participate by writing Books. The project creates a competition between writers and potential writers. Through the project, the best written books are selected and are published in a colored book by Rwanga Foundation. The theme of the Rwanga Book project for this year of the competition was related to the educational process (problems and solutions).