Rwanga Foundation Records Online Lessons

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 8:00 PM

KURDISTAN – (April 2020). Rwanga Foundation records online lessons in coordination with the Ministry of Health to support the educational system during the breakdown of Covid-19.

In order to find the possible methods to overcome this issue of online video lessons and support the students who study in Syriac and Turkomani languages continue their education while staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As Rwanga Foundation has been in close contact with the Ministry of Education and other relevant stakeholders.  The best approach for the moment, which has been chosen by the Ministry of Education, and agreed by Rwanga Foundation and some other stakeholders, was to record video lessons and publish them online for the student to be able to catch up with classes while at home, and perhaps with the support of parents.

The project supported students from the Christian and Turkoman minorities to catch up with their classes while at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The project is funded by Al-Hayat Pepsi Company.

A total of 267 video lessons have been recorded for 52 subjects from 1st to 12th grades. The recorded videos were handed to the assigned focal point at the Ministry of Education, in order to do editing and uploading them to the E-wane website.

Moreover, 4,421 students are benefited from the recorded lessons in Syriac and Turkomani languages.