Winners of the 'Rwanga Book Project 2021' were Announced

Friday, July 9, 2021 4:00 PM

Erbil, KRI (July 9, 2021) – Rwanga  Foundation announced the four winners of the Rwanga Book project 2021 that were selected by an evaluation committee during a competition. Two of the winner books are in Kurdish language while the other two are in Arabic language.

A total of 49 books were submitted to the project, and four books were selected by a Jury through the evaluation process.

The four books will be designed, printed and published in a colored books, with 1,000 copies/each (4,000 copies in total). The themes of the Rwanga Book project for this year of the competition were: The educational process (problems and solutions).

During the project 49 participants applied their books (including 37 male & 12). Two of the winner books were in Kurdish language and the other two were in Arabic language.

 The winner books for the Rwanga Book project 2021 are:


·        Methods of teaching during the time(era) of technology (Mohammed Ahmad Mohammed)

·        Methods of teaching (Saman Mam abdulla)

·        Barriers to teaching the English for Iraq curriculum for the elementary stage and proposals to address it from the point of view of teachers and the supervisors of the subject. (Najem abdulla Ali / wathiq Abdulkathim)

·        Aesthetic recruitment for scientific subject in docudrama (Ali Abod Shalash)

The annual project was announced on January 28, 2021, and people started submitting their books until May 28, 2021. Also, a Jury was selected to evaluate the submitted books; the evaluation committee were:


·       Dr. Salwa Ahmad Amin - Head of the Kindergarten Department at the College of Basic Education  

·       Dr. Sabr Abdullah Saeed - Director of Research and Education Center

·       Dr. Azad Smo – University of Duhok

·       Dr. Osama Hamd Muhammed -PhD in College of Education/ Humanitarian Sciences

·       Dr. Uday Bachay Shebeeb – PhD in Social Sciences

·       Halima Khalil – Educational Supervisor


Rwanga Book project is an annual competition that encourages writers to participate by writing Books. The project creates a competition between writers and potential writers. Through the project, the best written books will be selected and will be published by Rwanga Foundation