Rwanga Foundation Announces the Rwanga Book Project 2021

Friday, January 29, 2021 3:06 AM

Erbil (January 28, 2021) – Rwanga Foundation is launching the ‘Rwanga Book Project throughout Iraq: with the mission of encouraging writers in participating by writing books related to the educational process. The best four books will be elected in this competition-based project.


This year, as the third year of the annual project, the Rwanga Foundation encourages writers from all ages to write books related to the educational process in Iraq and KRI. The aim of the project for this year is to highlight the main problems in the educational process in the region and mentioning the strategies that should be considered in tackling these issues. Different from the two previous years, this year the competition will be among Iraq and not only the KRI.

As an outcome of the competition, the four books with the biggest impact will be selected by a special committee and published in a colored book with a limited edition of 1,000 copies per book (4,000 copies in total).


Theme of the Project:

The educational process (problems and solutions), such as:

·        Building relationship between teacher, student and family.

·        Building relationship between the school and the community.

·        Online Education, advantages, disadvantages, future prospects.

·        The learning environment and its impact on the educational process.

·        Modern teaching methods and their relationship to future jobs.


Eligibility Criteria

·        The book should not be published before.

·        The writer must currently live in Kurdistan Region or Iraq.

·        The book should be in between 15000 (Fifteen thousand) to 20000 (Twenty thousand) words.

·        The sources and citation must be included.

·        Using of the questionnaires is a plus.

·        The book should be written in an academic method and include (the title, synopsis, introduction, Index, the body, conclusion, Findings and Recommendations)

·        The content of the book must be about the educational process (problems and solutions) in KRI and Iraq.



How to Apply:

·        The book must be sent online in Word file format (not PDF) to [email protected].

·        Both sides of the personal ID card must be attached in the email.

·        The book must be applied before May 28, 2021.