Graduation Ceremony was held for 120 Participants of English Language and Computer Courses

Thursday, January 16, 2020 4:12 AM

Qasrouk and Atrish Sub-districts, Shaikhan District, Duhok-Kurdistan, (January 16th, 2020) – Rwanga Foundation, funded by Gulf Keystone Petroleum, delivered Vocational Training and Skills Enhancement courses to improve the career opportunities for more than 120 adolescents.

The main aim of the courses was to offer the youth in the two districts a basic understanding of the English language and computer sciences in order to improve their skills and qualifications.  

The graduation ceremony took place in the Youth Center in the Qasrouk district. 120 young beneficiaries, trainers of the courses and government entities who supported in implementing the project, were present in the ceremony.

The training courses mainly focused on the basics of English language and computer skills. The courses started on September 2019 and continued until January 2020, conducted 5 days a week. 60 young men and 60 young women benefited from the two training courses.

“During this course, we taught the students the basics of using the computer and the using of Microsoft Office programs. We hope that these kind of courses continue to benefit the students of this region.” stated Havraz Abdi, one of the trainers of the computer skills course.

The ceremony was held on January 16. During the ceremony, all of the participants had been certified by the Rwanga Foundation.