Srwsht Jabar Mahmood - Wecode Project

Srwsht Jabar, a talented young girl from Sulaimani, received a bachelor's degree in computer networks at the College of Informatics in 2021 and was one of Wecode project’s participants, UX/UI Design bootcamp. After successfully completing Wecode trainings, she worked as a Freelance designer for a number of technology companies and still ongoing.


Srwsht was able to know about Wecode project through her university student’s group, and after successfully passing through several stages of the Wecode project election, she became one of graduates of the first bootcamp.


"After completing Wecode trainings, It opened several different doors of work for me, I published my designs in an organized way on the LinkedIn professional platform, and I got a number of design jobs in this way." Srwsht said, regarding the importance of Wecode trainings.


Srwsht eagerly pointed out that her desire to learn and test new ways was a major motivator for participating and continuing in the Wecode bootcamps.


"Before participating in the Wecode bootcamp, I didn't even know what UX/UI was. I had a little basic experience in design, but in this field, even the name of the topic was new to me. What caused me to continue was my desire to learn, and what we were learning daily were all new things."


Srwsht noted that she has established a strong relationship with her fellow participants in the Wecode project, and that despite months since the end of the training, they have not yet been cut off.


"In my opinion, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Wecode was that participants were chosen from all over Kurdistan," she said " There was a very strong relationship between us. It was the first time for me to participate in a program together with participants from other cities."