Hakar Azwar Muhammad - Wecode Project

Hakar Azwar Muhammad – Wecode participant, mobile application bootcamp.


Hakar Azwar Muhammad, a talented young man from Duhok governorate, and a university teacher in the computer science sector, he was one of the mobile app bootcamp’s participants in Wecode project. He initially didn’t expect the bootcamp to be a full-fledged course as he achieved after participating. He is now transferring the expertise he has gained from Wecode project to his university students and also working on developing three mobile apps.


" Wecode project showed me all the mobile phone apps from A to Z. I was very happy to be one of the participants in Wecode trainings. I was very happy about the type of training I received and the support I got from Rwanga Foundation." Hakar said.


He also pointed out that he registered twice for the project. first it was for the UX/UI bootcamp he did not get accepted because the schedule of the trainings was not suitable with the time, however he was accepted the second time when he applied for the mobile app bootcamp. He talked about the fact that he was eager to participate in the bootcamps, because of the standards and quality of Rwanga Foundation.


"After being accepted and when the bootcamp started, I thought I would benefit a little from it and would learn some new ways, but after the trainings continued, I felt happy that this course contained all the important resources that I needed to learn in that field. It was above my expectations."


He also mentioned that the subject he tells at the university contains the 'Flutter' subject, which he has learned a lot about in the Wecode project and believes that he has developed his skills during the mobile app bootcamp.


"If you want to develop your skills from zero stage to a person who has experience in the field of mobile apps (the trainings I participated in), you should participate in Wecode training." He advises all the youths who want to participate in the trainings.