Sardar Saleh Hassan - REVIVE Project

Sardar Saleh Hassan is the owner of Zewa Studio and Bleza’s album factory in Duhok governorate, Zewa was established in 2007, and later on, the album factory was opened in 2016. This business is one of the businesses that were supported by the Revive project with the aim of improving and expanding their businesses.

In the beginning, Zewa studio started as a small business, but it was constantly upgrading, and bigger steps were taken by collecting information and spending time and money in developing it, they also offered many photography trainings for the interested youths which led to the creation of job opportunities for them.

Sardar’s business was one of the 7 businesses that were supported during the third batch of the project. after joining REVIVE project, the business owner was able to develop his business even more, and he especially benefited from the trainings and sessions offered by the program. It’s worth mentioning that after REVIVE project’s support, the owner was able to hire 7 youth workers in the business.

Sardar, the business owner stated: “Currently, our Bleza factory’s products are not only being sold in KRI, but all over Iraq. We are trying and planning to make the business go international and export it to other countries as well, by using a website that will be launched soon, and I believe it will create more job opportunities, especially for the youths, as the business grows bigger."

The Revive project is implemented by Rwanga Foundation in partnership with LWF, CAPNI, Truvalu and is funded by KiA (Kerk in Actie). The project supports small and medium-sized businesses to recover and possibly expand. Business development trainings and social cohesion.