Sami Mirkhan Mohahamad - Revive Project

Sami Mirkhan Mohahamad owns an enterprise for Agribusiness/beekeeping, he has a broad experience in the business of beekeeping and honey production. The bees are kept in different locations in Amedi district, Barwary villages and Gara mountain. Sami has received a loan with no interest through the #Revive project.

In 2020, Sami applied to the #Revive project managed by LWF and partnered by Rwanga Foundation, CAPNI, and Truvalu. His enterprise has been offered a loan of $9,800 with zero interest, as well as four TVETs by CAPNI to develop and expand his business and two Social Cohesion sessions for him and his staff workers by Rwanga Foundation to create a positive working environment and expand their social and business network.

With the support he received, Sami purchased new items for his business including (Beehives       Protection Suits, as well as providing a Land Rent). Currently, eight staff workers from both genders including host community members and IDPs are working under the enterprise.

Sami is expecting an increment in the annual profit of the project at the end of the year, he is also planning on creating more opportunities for people from different backgrounds to work within the business. 

The Revive project is implemented by Rwanga Foundation in partnership with LWF, CAPNI, Truvalu and is funded by KiA (Kerk in Actie). The project supports small and medium-sized businesses to recover and possibly expand. It includes supporting the businesses financially in the form of a loan with no interest, business development trainings and social cohesion.