Drood Mohammed - Rwanga Awards

Drood Mohammed won the first place in the Recycled Art category in the Rwanga Awards 2018 on the level of the Kurdistan region, in which a large number of skilled and talented youth had participated.

“Because I was a university student in the engineering department, and didn’t have experience in art, finding an idea that is unique was difficult for me. For this reason, I participated in the same category in 2017 and won the third place” said Drood.


In 2018, he decided to participate again in the same category. Even though he was in the final years of studying and the lessons started to become harder, he had decided that he would participate again and become successful with the help of God. he was able to merge his artistic ideas with science and thankfully, he succeeded.

The main message was not only to reuse old stuff, it held a deeper message which was that it is not important how much pain and suffering our community is facing. We as individuals and groups will stand up from our broken hearts and tired bodies. We will create a strong community with a purpose with the help of God and then science and art.