Alan - Rwanga Book Project

Alan Muhaiadin 24 years oldIt has been about 5 years that Alan is working on writing and publishing his purposes through social media, magazines, and books. He owns more than eight books but due to his inability to print them, he tried to publish them as articles and electronic books only.


He likes to challenge himself with new challenges by participating in various competitions. When the Rwanga Book project was announced, he decided to participate with his recent books that he wrote, and he became one of the winners and his book was printed and published by Rwanga Foundation with a number of 2000 books.

He says, “It’s not bravery to be inventive in the proper circumstances, but its more intelligence to blossom in between the thorns, no matter how bad the environment is, you should remain positive and continue until you reach your goal”.

Choosing his book and being one of the winners encouraged him to continue on his path to success.

Alan mentioned” Participating and winning in such projects are important, apart from the emotional  side, it also helps the youth to work on themselves and their talents, also it’s a good support for the youth by printing their books and seeing that their work is being appreciated.”