Rwanga Awards 2023: Rwanga Foundation for the 10th year in a row presented its annual Rwanga Awards

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 9:46 PM

DUHOK, KURDISTAN (November 29th,2023): This year it was in Duhok,

The final ceremony of Rwanga Awards 2023 was held on 23rd of November 2023, in Duhok, Directory of Culture and Arts hall – Semel, with the goal of improving and fostering the potential of youth, Rwanga Awards strives to discover talents, to strengthen confidence and to gather all forms of artistic, literary, and scientific projects created and developed throughout the country.

During the ceremony, winners had been announced for the first, second and third place winners in the ten categories of Short Film, Short Story (Kurdish), Short Story (Arabic), Drawing, Scientific Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Poetry (Kurdish), Poetry (Arabic), Software Development, Solo Musician, Graphic Design, and Photography. Over two thousand people, in the hall, and more than a hundred thousand person online through television and social media channels were eager to find out the results of this year’s Rwanga Awards.


The young participants passionately submitted their arts and scientific work. And their submissions should be related to the given categories. To participate, interested candidates had been assisted with guidelines of submission and the necessary conditions, rules, and regulations of each section, to be evaluated by a finely picked and specialized jury. After the selection process was completed, the awards were given to the winners at the Rwanga Awards 2023 ceremony in Duhok.

The respected jury for each category consisted of:

Short Film:

·       Fouad Jalal Rashid: Founder & CEO of Mastifilm

·       Karokh ibrahem hakem: Director


Short Story (Kurdish):

·       Goran Rasool: Writer

·       Fadil Omer: Writer


Short Story (Arabic):

·       Dr . Amar Almarwati: Teacher (PhD)

·       Faris alsardar: Story writer



·       Hewa A. Perdawood: University Lecturer

·       Aram Nasir Abdullah: University Lecturer


Scientific Innovation:

·       Salah Abdal Azzo: Assistant professor

·       Shwan Hassan Hussein: Teacher



·       Savo Bakhtyar Rasool: Managing Director Of Iraq | Ecosystem Growth - Five One Lasb

·       Dlveen Jamil Ahmed: Entrepreneurship Expert


Poetry (Kurdish):

·       Abdulkhaliq Yaqubi: Literary Critic and Translator

·       Ismael Sulaiman Hajani: Poet and Author


Poetry (Arabic):

·       Esmat Shaheen Doski: Poet

·       Ali wajeeh Abbas: Author and Jornalist


Software Development:

·       Karzan Wakil Said: Instructor

·       Sheheen Abdullah Abdulkareem: Teacher (PhD)

Solo Musician:

·       Dr.Jange Jalal Hasan: PhD in Music

·       Nawzheen mohamad. Abdul karem: Musician and Composer


Graphic Design:

·       Ahmed M. Azeez (Ahmedsam): Visual designer

·       Aree Sarchl Namiq: Designer



·       Fayeq Hama Salih: Photography Teacher at Kurdistan Photographers Group

·       Hushyar Hussien Ismail: Photographer and Graphic Designer

During the ceremony below winners were unveiled for each category:


Short Film Category:

First place: Hevar Omer Sdeeq

Second place: Mohammed Mahdi Salah Jasim

Third place: Kardin Karwan Ali

Short Story (Kurdish) Category:

First place: Kasia Aswad Othman

Second place: Mohammed Idress Abdulrazaq

Third place: Zanyar Mohammed Hasan

Short Story (Arabic) Category:

First place: ‌Hiraa Musa Abd Alamir

Second place: Ali Hussien Mahmood

Third place: Dalal Bashar Abdullah


Drawing Category:

First place: Dunya Fadhel Abdulrahman

Second place: Rahand Nahro Khazayi

Third place: Mohammed Mukhlif Abdulrazaq


Scientific Innovation Category:

First place: Rozh Yadgar Abdulrazzaq Bimar

Second place: Mohammed Safeen Sabah

Third place: Mohammed Hashim Ibrahim


Entrepreneurship Category:

First place: MohamedBaqer Hekmat Abdulghafar

Second place: Sonya Esmail Ale

Third place: Hakam Hesham Abd


Poetry (Kurdish) Category:

First place: Dilshad Hasan Majeed

Second place: Iman Fouad Fakhraldin

Third place: Nahro Gergees Omer


Poetry (Arabic) Category:

First place: Zain Alabidin Majid Fadheel

Second place: Raby Saeed Hasan

Third place: Jawad Mohammed Ali


Software Development Category:

First place: Zahra Qasim Sabri

Second place: Usama Abbas Sabr

Third place: Mohammed Aqeel Abd


Solo Musician Category:

First place: Ayad Osman Salih

Second place: Muhammad Nawzad Saeed

Third place: Rozhyar Luqman Majeed


Graphic Design Category:

First place: Muhammed Ahmed Salih

Second place: Kovan Tareq rafeq

Third place: Murtadha Fadhil Hussien


Photography Category:

First place: Dyar Shaban Mohammed

Second place: Sarmad Omed Mohammed Saeed

Third place: Abdulqadir Latif Abdulqadir


This prestigious event couldn’t be completed without our sponsors, that joined us to make the youth’s dream come true and showcase their talents and expertise for a future filled with opportunities for them:


Titanium Sponsor: Hemin Group, Darin Group, Korek Telecom

Diamond Sponsor: Kavin Group, Meraki Ventures

Gold Sponsor: Great World Motors – Haval, Oriental Sound, Empire World, Ad Media, Bite

Silver Sponsor: FIB, Show Market, RT Bank, GK Architects, Pillar Architects, Rose Premier, Enlightors, Shift Agency

With our exclusive Media Partner (Rudaw Media Networks)

During the ceremony, Rwanga Awards’ stage got colorful with many musical and artistic performances. First off, an international Orchestra led by Mr. Hiwa Talaat started the ceremony. Followed by Yadasht, a previous Rwanga Awards winner that performed his success story along with Rwanga Report, that was presented by four Rwanga employees. Later, the audience were entertained by two of the funniest comedians (Ahmed Wahed & Karkar) showcasing the Kurdish and Arabic character’s childhood and Education’s obstacles. Finally, the amazing Payiz group ended the ceremony with their vibrant tones and music in various Kurdish dialects.

Rwanga Awards officially started in 2014 and ever since is taking place in difference cities, from Erbil, to Duhok, Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad, and in the near future Rwanga Awards will be all over Kurdistan region and Iraq. This is not the end of the road, Rwanga has been and is continuously working on developing the abilities of youth, while, focusing on their talents to be the future leaders and the role models in their communities.