Last Stage of 'Mathematics Competition 2023' Successfully Concluded

Tuesday, August 1, 2023 12:21 PM

Erbil, KRI (August 1, 2023) – Rwanga Foundation organized a ceremony for the semi-final and final stages of the Mathematics Competition, a live event where six talented students competed for the title of the ‘Mathematics Champion’.

In coordination with the Ministry of Education in the KRI, the competition featured four stages. Out of 392, only six students showcased their exceptional mathematical skills and advanced to the pre-final stage, where they engaged in an exhilarating live competition to win the ‘Mathematics Champion’ title. The students who reached this final stage were:

·       Muhammed Hemin Hasan – Sulaimani Governorate – Dokan Directorate of Education - Sara Mixed High School

·       Mafyar Muhammed Ali – Erbil Governorate – Rawanduz Directorate of Education - Rawaduz Mixed High School

·       Shad Aso Tofiq – Sulaimani Governorate – East Sulaimani Directorate of Education - Znar English School

·       Mohammed Ayub Mahmood – Sulaimani Governorate – West Sulaimani Directorate of Education - Azmar College for Gifted Students

·       Hiba Mahmood Siraj Aldin – Duhok Governorate – West Duhok Directorate of Education - Kazhin High School for Girls

·       Mohammed Abdulrahman Sadiq – Erbil Governorate – Erbil Center Directorate of Education -  Kurdistan High School

The journey of the Mathematics Competition 2023 commenced on March 7, 2023, involving a total of 392 students representing 392 schools across the KRI. The initial round saw 63 outstanding students advance to the second stage, where the competition intensified further. Eventually, only the six most exceptional individuals qualified for the semi-final and final stages.

The semi-final and final stages unfolded in a captivating live competition, showcasing the prowess and intellect of the finalists as they competed for the esteemed first, second, and third-place titles.

The distinguished winners of the Mathematics Competition 2023 are:

·       First Place Winner: Mohammed Ayub Mahmood

·       Second Place Winner: Muhammed Hemin Hasan

·       Third Place Winner: Mafyar Muhammed Ali

In recognition of their outstanding achievements, the winners were awarded the following prizes:

1st place winner was awarded $2,000 and his school also received $2,000. 

2nd place winner was awarded $1,500 and his school also received $1,500.

3rd place winner was awarded $1,250 and his school also received $1,250.

The Mathematics Competition 2023 Evaluation Committee included individuals from the academic and educational sectors:

·       Dr. Dilan Faraydoon Ahmad - University Lecturer

·       Dr. Adnan Ali Jalal – University Lecturer

·       Mr. Shvan Ubaidullah Saadullah – School Teacher

·       Mr. Talaat Abdulwahid Mohammed – School Teacher

·       Mr. Shahin Mohamadamin Ali – School Teacher


The Mathematics Competition is an initiative of Rwanga Foundation, aiming to foster and inspire young minds to pursue scientific knowledge. The competition, specifically designed for 10th-grade students across the KRI, aims to crown the ultimate ‘Mathematics Champion’ of the region.

Initiated in 2019, the Mathematics Competition initially operated at the level of general directorates of education in Erbil. However, over time, its scope expanded, and it now encompasses the entire Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan Region.

The success of Mathematics Competition 2023 was made possible by the invaluable support and sponsorship from Darin Group and Bleety App, along with Rudaw Media Network, who served as the esteemed Media Sponsor.