Empowering Students and Improving Accessibility: Rehabilitation of Mam and Mishtanoor Schools in Raparin District

Thursday, June 1, 2023 9:11 PM

Raparin, KRI (June 2023) - The Mam and Mishtanoor schools, situated in the Raparin district, have recently undergone a highly successful renovation process with the aim of transforming their learning environments. Recognizing the importance of enhancing accessibility for individuals with disabilities and creating a modern educational atmosphere, the Rwanga Foundation, in collaboration with Intersos and in close coordination with the General Directorate of Education (GDoE) in Raparin, spearheaded significant upgrades over a span of three months.

The rehabilitation efforts focused on enhancing the learning environment in the schools. Key improvements included the renovation of classrooms, upgrading of WASH facilities, implementation of safety measures, and the establishment of accessibility means for Children with Disabilities (CwD). These enhancements have created a safer and more inclusive environment, empowering all students to thrive and reach their full potential.

This initiative was carried out as part of the Multi-Year Resilience Programme (MYRP), which aims to ensure inclusive quality education and psychosocial support for crisis-affected children. The program also provides learning opportunities for both refugee and host community children and youth residing in urban and camp settings across Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

Under the MYRP project, various activities were conducted to support the project's objectives. These activities included providing learning kits and teaching materials for the students and schools, offering capacity-building trainings for the Parent-Teacher Association, education authorities, school teachers, and local NGOs. Remedial, catch-up, and language acquisition classes were provided to students, along with support in obtaining legal documentation and cash assistance for education. Additionally, structured Psycho-social support (PSS) sessions were offered to students in need. In total, 1,546 students (758 female, 788 male) benefited from these activities.

By the completion of the project, the education system's capacity and sustainability will be strengthened at various levels, resulting in lasting positive impacts. The project is a partnership between Rwanga Foundation, Save the Children International (SCI), and Intersos. It targets locations including Rania, Qaladze, Arbat, and Saidsadiq, encompassing refugees, host communities, and IDPs. The project caters to individuals aged 6 to 14 years and those above 36 years, ensuring a broad reach within the community.

The successful rehabilitation of Mam and Mishtanoor schools represents a significant stride towards promoting inclusive education and providing vital support to crisis-affected children and communities. The collaborative efforts of all partners involved are instrumental in creating a brighter future for the youth in Sulaimani Governorate and beyond.