Fostering Resilient Communities and Rural Economic Recovery Through Agricultural Trainings

Thursday, April 13, 2023 5:33 PM

KRI (March 2023) - agricultural technical trainings were conducted by Rwanga Foundation funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit  (GIZ) designed to equip communities with the modern agricultural knowledge and skills necessary to enhance the socio-economic conditions of 80 small-scale farmers through the Horticulture, dairy, and poultry farming program.


Being committed to empowering vulnerable communities through various initiatives, the foundation has this time taken a notable initiative in an agricultural technical training program implemented in Sulaimani and Halabja governorates, which lasted 45 days. This program was aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and livestock farming, fostering resilient communities and rural economic recovery through the capacity building of selected individuals, while focusing on female participation. The trainings covered many agricultural topics through both theoretical and practical ways.


Agriculture is the backbone of the economy in many developing countries, including Iraq. However, the agricultural sector in Iraq faces numerous challenges, including inadequate technical skills, limited access to finance, and a lack of modern farming technologies. These challenges have led to low productivity and income levels among farmers. 


Additionally, the program has created a sense of community among the beneficiaries, who have formed farmers' groups to share their experiences, knowledge, and skills. On the long term, such projects contribute to increasing the income of targeted beneficiaries which in turn leads to higher productivity and catalyzes the market improvement of agricultural products.