Celebrating the Creativity and Innovation Week in Erbil

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 11:08 AM

Erbil, KRI (March 14, 2023) – an event under the title ‘The Creativity Forum’ was organized by the World Creativity & Innovation Week in partnership with Rwanga Foundation and Five One Labs in Erbil City.


‘The Creativity Forum’ is a global community that aims to develop, enhance, and expose the Creativity and innovation of the community. This year, and for the first year, Iraq has hosted the forum under the supervision of the Iraq Creativity board and in partnership with Rwanga Foundation and Five One Labs.


The forum focuses on the critical role of creativity and innovation in key sectors and serves as a bridge between its many stakeholders. This forum intends to explore policies that would promote societal progress by fostering creativity and innovation. 18 entrepreneurs and startup owners had specialized booths for their businesses inside the venue to showcase their business ideas and products to potential stakeholders.


The participants included high-level government officials, international organizations, diplomatic officials, academia, private sectors as well as entrepreneurs. At the end of the forum, the participants enjoyed an exhibition where creativity was displayed, and a few young entrepreneurs were present to showcase their ideas and some artists who showed their creativity through art.


The event started with a keynote speech given by Dr. Jim Friedman (Chief Steward of World Creativity and Innovation Week).

Afterward, a panel discussion was conducted on the topic of “A society thinks and acts with creativity.” With the participation of Mr. Abdulsalam Medeni (Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation), Mr. Mostafa Dawood (Executive Director at the Station), Dr. Rozhen kamal (President of Cultural Heritage), Mr. Zamo Dana( Founder at Zdr Co. ) and moderated by Mr. Yadgar Fayaq.


The panel discussed a variety of subjects, including the concept of creativity, how youth can be innovators, and the key obstacles and problems facing innovators. The panel aimed at building a society where creativity is encouraged and created, specially among the youth. As well as to help solve social system problems with innovation.


Following the panel, guests continued on a tour of the startup booths to learn more about what young entrepreneurs in the KRI area are working on, their firms and products, and the capabilities of supporting their enterprises.


The Creativity and Innovation Week was established in 2001 by the Canadian Creativity Founder and endorsed by the United Nations Development Programme. 21st of April is dedicated to celebrating and encouraging creativity, innovation, and ingenuity globally. The events and activities held in 140 countries highlight their importance in addressing societal challenges and driving economic growth. Starting from 2023, Iraq has officially joined the community and will take part in the annual international celebration.



This year’s sponsors for the forum were: HMH Company as a sponsor and Rudaw Media Network as a Media sponsor.