Rwanga Foundation’s visit to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

Sunday, February 12, 2023 1:02 PM

A delegation from Rwanga Foundation, under the supervision of the Chief Executive Director, visited the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources. The meeting was attended by (Ms. Begard Talabani), Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, and other Director-Generals of the ministry. The main focus of the meeting was strengthening cooperation and relations between the two sides, as well as discussing issues and challenges facing the agricultural sector and climate change in the KRI. The Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources (Ms. Begard Talabani) thanked Rwanga Foundation for participating in and implementing environmental projects, training farmers, and preparing them in a modern way in cooperation with other international NGOs.

In another topic of the meeting, marketing and promoting local products were discussed, as well as exporting these products to the global markets and educating farmers by teaching them modern farming standards.

Finally, steps were taken towards preparing a letter of memorandum of understanding between both sides to further develop agricultural and environmental sector projects and increase the green areas, as well as economic recovery in the Kurdistan Region.

Rwanga Foundation has given great importance to the environment sector over the past few years and has worked to increase green areas in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in order to combat climate change.