115 Youths Graduated as Part of ‘WeCode’ Bootcamps

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 1:23 PM

Erbil, KRI (December 12th ,2022), Rwanga Foundation held a graduation ceremony for the participants of three training bootcamps that were conducted remotely all over KRI for 115 youths aged 18-35 as part of the WeCode project. The ceremony was conducted in an energetic environment where graduates of the three bootcamps met each other closely together with representatives of technological firms in KRI. Certificates of completion were presented to the project's participants during the ceremony.


The goal of the WeCode training bootcamps was to assist young people build both their technical and soft skills in order to get them ready for careers in software development in Iraq's Kurdistan Region.


It's worth mentioning that some of these young people have already obtained valuable expertise in the sector, allowing them to find jobs and are currently employed.


Vina Ahmed and Yahya Hassen, two WeCode bootcamp graduates, shared their success stories and explained to the audience how they benefited from the programs and were able to advance their knowledge and skills to the point where they were able to join the teams of two different Erbil-based tech companies as extremely valuable team members.


The event’s participants also heard from Mr. Amanj Ali, CEO of click Iraq, who shared his valuable advice and recommendations with the new graduates.


Following that, A total of 115 graduates (87 men and 28 women) from the four governorates of Erbil, Sulaimani, Duhok, and Halabja have completed intensive trainings in (Mobile Application Development, Front-End Design & Development, Data Science & Machine Learning) and received their certificates.


The ceremony was attended by multiple Tech company representatives in Kurdistan Region – Iraq, along with academics from universities with the aim of creating a linking bridge between all three entities.



The training bootcamps consisted of:

·         39 Technical Sessions (3 hours each)

·         13 weeks of intensive learning (117 hours)

·         5 Career Development Sessions (4 hours)

·         2 Guest Lecture (2 hours)

·         Total: 117 Training hours + 78 Office Hours Support

·         Developed and submitted a Final Project


WeCode is an intensive training Bootcamp project implemented by Rwanga Foundation to remotely train youth aged between (18-35) in KRI with software development skills and provide adequate technical and soft skills so that they qualify to land their first job as junior software developers.