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Rwanga Foundation Supports Erbil’s Orphanage Through ‘You Are Not Alone’ Project

Monday, August 29, 2022 9:53 PM

Erbil, KRI (August 29, 2022) – Rwanga Foundation has designed and implemented several activities to support Erbil’s orphanage on different administrative, educational, health, and recreational levels as part of the ‘You Are Not Alone’ project.


The project included developing the capabilities of Erbil’s orphanage on several levels, including improving the administrative level of the orphanage, developing the skills of the social workers assigned by the government and others who were employed by Rwanga Foundation through providing training courses to raise their knowledge and performance in case management, preparing weekly and monthly plans for the children.

An application was also designed according to the requirements of the orphanage. The application provides weekly and monthly reports for the social workers, a special field for managing the children’s cases, monitoring the status of the teachers, and setting educational activities for children and employees according to a plan designed by Rwanga Foundation in coordination with the governmental authorities.


The main activities that were conducted during the last six months were:


  • Providing babysitters to take care of the children to be self-reliant by teaching them how to take care of personal hygiene, shower, arrange their clothes, prepare them for school, organize their daily belongings, and many other duties.                                                                    
  • Social workers have collected information about the orphans, and filled the database of each orphan’s profile on the application, child's behaviors were also recorded and did their best to improve it.                                                                                                                              
  • Presenting several social awareness sessions such as: (Savings, listening when someone is talking, becoming a cooperative person, the importance of keeping our teeth clean, preparing for the new school year, wants and needs, adjusting sleep time, respect, overcoming sadness, how to prepare for travel, sexual assault prevention).                                                                                                                      
  • Providing a psychological therapist to follow up with the children’s psychological state and provide the best service to make sure the children are getting better.                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Medical support was provided, and a visit to a dermatologist was prepared to examine all the children. Moreover, a dentist visited the orphanage and examined the children. The service was provided, and all the necessary cases were adopted for any child suffering from health problems. All children underwent a visual examination, and all necessary measures were taken.


Rwanga Foundation in coordination with a group of volunteers also organized a summer recreational activity outside the orphanage, the activities included an English language course and a taekwondo course. The children successfully completed both courses.

In another part of the summer activities, the volunteers of the Rwanga Foundation taught the children how to draw, craft, do ballet dancing, write stories, play music, and many other activities.


At the end of the summer course, Rwanga Foundation team organized a small ceremony that included some activities such as showcasing drawings, painting, and handmade crafts made by the children, as well as playing musical instruments and singing shows. The volunteers who worked with the children during the summer course received an appreciation letter.


The project is one of the initiatives of the Rwanga Foundation in 2022 in cooperation with the General Directorate of Welfare and Social Development of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Erbil to establish the rehabilitation system of the Erbil orphanage. The project started on Feb 20th and ends on Aug 18th, 2022. Due to its success, it’s planned to extend the project for another six months.