Six Sessions of GDoE Staff Trainings has Been Conducted in Erbil

Tuesday, August 9, 2022 3:10 PM

Erbil, KRI (June  30, 2022) – WITHIN THE framework of the implementation of the ‘Supporting the General Directorate of Education (GDoE) in implementing the General Education Sector Plan (GESP)’ project, funded by the European Union and implemented by Rwanga Foundation in partnership with UNDP, six training courses were held for the employees of the GDoE  in Erbil.

The project has been designed based on a thorough study and strategic plan conducted by the GDoE in partnership with UNICEF, which is called Erbil Governorate Education Sector Plan (GESP) 2019-2022.


The aim of the project was to provide a quality and relevant education that is consistent with the province's education sector. The plan’s main strategic priority was to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, in order to meet the sustainable development goal 4 (SDG 4).


The project was implemented in Erbil International Hotel, the first Coordination Meeting was held on February 17th 2022, during the meeting Rwanga Foundation presented the aims and goals of the project to the Ministry of education’s advisor and General directorate of education as well as International and local organizations. The second Coordination Meeting was held on July 25th 2022 where several government officials, representatives from Ministry of Education, the Director of General Directorate of Education in Erbil, Head of Planning and Programs, the 11 sub education districts of Erbil, international and local organizations participated in the meeting. Implemented activities during the project, our vision after this project and an exit strategy in order to keep the project sustainable were discussed during the meeting. Moreover a number of 3 roundtable meetings were held during the implementation of the project.



Capacity building project in terms of establishing and activating the three committees of Executive, Follow-up and Coordination (for Networking and Fundraising) Committees. Moreover, the project will give adequate knowledge and skills through training and coaching to be able to review and update the GESP and start implementing it. Moreover, they will have better opportunities and more organized funding from the international and national organizations and donors to implement the GESP and improve the education facilities in Erbil governorate.


A number of six sessions have been conducted. The complete trainings were: Written Communication, Proposal Writing, Networking, Project Management, Fundraising, Monitoring & Evaluation.  Different topics were discussed during each training to boost the knowledge of the participants as well as many activities to increase the engagement between the staff



"This training really made us academically evaluate and follow up the projects, and these trainings are very necessary, especially for KRG ministry officials, because they are learning a new way of implementing projects globally," said Kurdistan Younis Abdullah, director of programs at the General Directorate of Education in Erbil and one of the training participants.



"The importance of these training courses is that the KRG is now one of it’s main problems is the lack of trained staffs in their careers, one of the main pillars of continuous development programs, indicates that educational cadres should be trained in their professions to develop in their field." said Rabar Massoud, a coach at the General Directorate of Education in Erbil.


The ‘Supporting the General Directorate of Education (GDoE) in implementing the General Education Sector Plan (GESP) project is executed by Rwanga foundation, under local civil society dialogue component of the ‘Supporting Recovery and Stability in Iraq through Local Development’ programme, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme, and funded by the European Union.