HITEX Exhibition is Held in Partnership with Rwanga Foundation

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 8:49 PM


Erbil, KRI (June 27, 2022), the HITEX Technology Exhibition is being held in partnership with Rwanga Foundation and by the participation of more than 186 companies at the Erbil International Fair.


The exhibition will continue till Thursday (June 27-30, 2022) from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. More than 186 companies and agencies from 30 different countries working in technology and electronics have participated in the exhibition and are showing their products, services, and activities.  The exhibition also connects information technology experts and traders from different countries and companies. It’s worth mentioning that the exhibition was visited by the Prime Minister of KRI, H.E. Masrour Barzani and Head of KRI parliament Dr. Rewaz Faiq. 

The participating companies work in many different fields such as Futuristic Technology, Telecom, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Technology, Network, etc.

At the exhibition's opening ceremony, Farhang Bradosti (HITEX Exhibition Organizer for 2022), Omed Khoshnaw (The Governor of Erbil) and Abdul Salam Medeni (Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation) delivered speeches.  " Technology and the era are two very important topics that the whole world has adapted to, and the Kurdistan Region is part of this adaptation, hoping that we will see it in few years, our youths not only the user of technologists, but in the academic area too, we see great examples of our young people's abilities in academic centers and universities every day, and we hope to make better progress in the future. " Said the Governor of Erbil during his speech. 

The exhibition also includes the HITEX conference, which consists of eight panels, the titles of the panels are:

  • Video Games Between a Way to Earn Income and a Challenge to Youth Education.
  • The Role of Business Incubators in Enhancing Tech Entrepreneurship.
  • Using Digital Power to Advance Society and Individuals.
  • Overcoming Business Challenges in KRI.
  • Trend Making: The Power of Numbers.
  • The Blockchain Economy.
  • The Path to a Digital Decade.
  • Technology’s Role in Shaping Tomorrow’s Banking and Payment.

Also, this year’s ‘Invest My Idea’ project was part of the exhibition with the participation of 15 startups where they pitched their business ideas in front of and jury of 3. at the end of the event, 5 startups became the winners of the competition. The winners were funded by Rwanga Foundation for a total of 30,000 $ which were distributed as below:


1st place winner (SMARTMED): 12,000,000 IQD

2nd place winner (CheckeSystem): 10,000,000 IQD

3RD place winner (Wasla): 9,000,000 IQD

4th place winner (Laoob App): 8,000,000 IQD

5th place winner (Parezar): 6,000,000 IQD


‘Invest My Idea’ is an innovative funding opportunity for small businesses and start-ups. It matches up business projects in need of funding with investors through an online platform. This project was initially funded by the “European Union” and was implemented by Rwanga Foundation in partnership with UNDP, and Erbil Governor Office. After the closure of the UNDP funded program at (March 31st,2021) Rwanga Foundation decided to continue supporting this innovative initiative.