The Final Ceremony of the ‘Messages from Children’ Project was Held inside the KRI Parliament

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 11:00 PM

Erbil, Kurdistan (May 25, 2022) - The final ceremony of the ‘Messages from Children’ project was held inside the parliament of Kurdistan – Erbil.

The aim of the project was to encourage the students in the primary stages to express their thoughts enthusiastically through art. This year’s art theme was about ‘Loving the Nation’, students were asked to express their feeling for their country through painting.


Primary stage (Grade 1-6) students across KRI have competed, 2012 students have participated in the competition, after that a specialized art committee have chosen 50 students (34 female & 16 male) to be the winners of the project for the year (2021-2022), and their arts were displayed on a specific wall inside the KRI parliament building with their names and their school names. The winning children also took a tour inside the parliament then a press conference was held and speeches were given by the parliament, the Rwanga Foundation, and the Ministry of  Education.

At the end of the ceremony, appreciation certificates were given to the winner students and their schools.


The evaluation committee consisted of Mr. Fuad Ahmed (the Director of Parliament's Research Centre), Mr.Rawand Jaafar (Teacher at the College of Fine Arts), and Mrs.Rozhan Omar Mawlood (Art Teacher).


‘Messages from Children’ is an annual project by Rwanga Foundation that creates a painting competition among primary students to express their ideas and messages by drawing paintings on a specific topic. For the year (2021-2022), the project's theme was "Loving the Nation".