Rwanga Foundation Paricipates as one of the Sponsores for the Second SAGACON in KRI

Thursday, April 28, 2022 10:37 AM

Erbil, KRI (April 28, 2022) - the SABIS schools in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq hosted the second SAGACON under (The Future of Energy), a convention and networking opportunity for all SABIS alumni and seniors from four SABIS schools in the Kurdistan region.


The event was held in the Rotana Hotel, and over 500 guests attended.The aim of the event: To build vital networking, relationship, maintain strong ties with alumni, and remain active at their schools, follow alumni functions, and stay connected with SABIS alumni.

There was also a job fair consisting of the booths operated by the event's sponsors, and Rwanga Foundation was one of the sponsors. Invest My Idea's team were present at the event to introduce the Rwanga Foundation's activities and opportunities to the event participants.


Invest My Idea Crowdfunding Platform is an online platform that aims to connect start-up owners, mentors, and supporters/investors, to raise funds for small businesses (or innovative ideas) through online financial contributions.


Small Business owners and entrepreneurs are now able to apply to raise funds for their projects. Business owners and private sector companies in KRI and Iraq are strongly encouraged to come forward in supporting the youth initiatives of their choice.