Creating Opportunities for Developing Economic Cooperation between Flanders and Kurdistan.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022 4:38 PM

Erbil, KRI (March 9, 2022) – A delegation from Voka - Chamber of Commerce in Flanders, in partnership with Rwanga Foundation and in coordination with Erbil- Chamber of Commerce, is seeking to create opportunities for developing economic cooperation between Flanders and Kurdistan.


The aim of this project is to foster collaboration between agricultural enterprises in Flanders and Kurdistan, as well as to produce local organic agri-food products.


Rwanga Foundation organizes a number of trainings and conferences for the targeted groups of director general of planning and follow-up and experts in the field of organic agriculture, lecturers at Erbil University dealing with internationalization of SMEs, other business support organizations or consultants supporting SMEs in export development, Iraqi Kurdish export advisors from public and private institutions, and representatives of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce.


The project took place in Erbil International Hotel, with the participation of 8 Iraqi Kurdish export advisors from public-private institutions, Mr. Luc Van Looveren, Senior Advisor EU relations and representatives of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce.