DoLSA’s Profile Development Workshop in Duhok

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 11:41 AM

Duhok, KRI (June 15, 2021) - DoLSA’s profile development workshop was held for 12 staff members of DoLSA as part of the ‘Capacity Building of General Directorate of Care and Social Development in Duhok’ project.


DoLSA’s profile development workshop is one of the project activities to develop/update DoLSA’s profile which will be presented on the website that has been developed through the project. During the workshop, DoLSA’s mission, vision, and strategic objectives were revised and edited by the participants with the recommendations of the two facilitators to deliver DoLSA’s main aim clearly. Also, the profile is very important as it is an essential required document to be shared with donors while requesting funds and support.

The workshop covered many topics including (Conceptual framing of the strategic vision, theoretical framework of the mission, strategic goals, and discussing the objectives of DoLSA)

The workshop took place with the participation of 12 staff and managers from DoLSA and was facilitated by two university PhD holders (Dr. Hikmat Rasheed) and (Dr.Refaat Mohammed) in Duhok.

“The results of the workshop were excellent, and the participating managers confirmed that they can now formulate a vision, mission, and strategic objectives for their administrative units according to scientific methods. We, the advisory team, believe that the workshop was successful and achieved its goals. Many thanks to Rwanga Foundation for organizing this workshop.” Said Dr.Hikmat Rasheed, one of the facilitators.

“This session has been very useful and eye opener for me personally as it gave me a lot of techniques for developing my institution's vision, mission, and goals.” Said one of the participants of the training.