Building a Six-Classroom School in Havndka

Sunday, May 23, 2021 12:09 AM

Erbil – KRI (May 22, 2021) - Rwanga Foundation held a ceremony to hand over a 6-classroom school constructed by Rwanga Foundation to the ministry of the education of KRI in the presence of the KRG minister of education.

The school's construction took four months and was built on a 1620m²-area land. The cost of the project was $330,523. The school consists of six classes, including grades 1 to 6 elementary, as well as a manager's room, two teachers' rooms, a large hall, and an archive room.

The ceremony was attended by the KRG Minister of Education (Alan Hama Saeed), General Director of the Erbil Education Directorate (Bashdar Abdul Khaliq Khoshnaw), Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation ( Abdul Salam Medeni ), Supervisory Director (Sherzad Hamadmin), Mayor of Mergasor District (Ghafur Ahmad Swar), and General Director of Mergaswr Education Directorate (Ahmad Mohammed Nwh).


At the ceremony, the school was handed over to the Ministry of Education. "We thank Rwanga Foundation for being a good supporter to our ministry, both at the scientific level, such as evaluating students in mathematics lesson through Mathematics Competition, and at the level of school renovations, they have renovated more than 100 schools so far," said Alan Hama Saeed - KRG Minister of Education .

Volleyball stadiums and other services within the school have also been provided for students and teachers such as (two prayer rooms, two separated bathrooms for boys and girls, two special bathrooms for teachers, a shop and a storage, and a student gathering square).


"The public sector, the private sector, and the civil society sectors must plan together and complement each other for building a better society, Rwanga Foundation works and implements its projects according to this belief, especially when it comes to the educational process, which is the identity of people and all parties must be involved for its success". Said Abdul Salam Medeni, Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation.

More than 150 people worked on the project, including a civil engineer, an architect, and other staff including (concrete, whey, ceramic and mosaic) workers who participated in the school's construction.  More than 60 students will study at the school, eight teachers and five employees will be employed. More than 95 people will benefit directly from the school and another 268 people benefit indirectly from the school.

The school construction was completed in January 2021, but the handover ceremony was postponed due to the spread of the Coronavirus.

It is worth mentioning that on September 22, 2019, the Rwanga foundation built an 18-Classroom school in Wlatzheri district, which took eight months to be constructed and costed $700,000. The school is built for students of grade 7 to 12 and the building is capable of supporting more than 450 students, Moreover, it was also equipped with several laboratories for biology, physics, computers as well as Volleyball and basketball stadiums.

Rwanga Foundation has renovated more than 100 schools and provided them with school supplies throughout the Kurdistan Region in the past eight years.