Rwanga Foundation Held Rwanga Foras International Job Fair 2020 Online.

Friday, November 6, 2020 9:01 AM

Erbil, KURDISTAN (November 6, 2020) – Rwanga Foundation held the final press conference for the Rwanga Foras International Job Fair 2020, in which the statistics for the three days event were presented.


During the three days of the job fair, 110 local and international organizations and companies participated. 5,388 job opportunities were published by the companies, 357 Internship opportunities were offered for young people, 6 trainings were conducted, 7,431 people participated in the trainings, 3 panel discussions were held as a part of the Rwanga forum, 25,883 people registered on the platform. 71,021 CVs were applied , the platform was visited 301,757 times .

Because of the high demand of young people, it was decided that the platform stays available offline for a while so that young people could benefit from the published job vacancies.

Rwanga Foras International Job Fair 2020 was implemented through an online platform and gave access to people starting from November 3, 2020 in which young people and job seekers could visit companies virtually and apply for the job vacancies.


In the three days of the job fair, six online trainings were conducted on the topics of

-        Interview Skills and Work Ethics

-        Level up: Hobby to a Career

-        How to Use Foras Portals

-        Work During Pandemic

-        How to Start and Run an Online Business

-        Building a Healthier Routine

Three panel discussions were held offline as a part of the Rwanga Forum and were aired directly on the platform and media channels. The panel included several important topics presented by experts:

1-     (Online Business: Challenges and opportunities) 

Panelists: Jaafar Fakhradin, CEO at Elite for telecom solutions

Anas Mwrshid, Founder of (Morshed business development)

Talar Mumtaz, Business Consultant

Moderator: Aymen Salman

2-     (How do Internships and Volunteering Help Employement) 

Panelists: Adnan Darjal, Minister of youth and Sport (Iraq)

Abdulsalam Medeni, CED at Rwanga Foundation

Eman Kakl, Volunteer and activist

Mazn Sirwan, Director of Communications & Digitalization

Moderator: Sazan Mandalawi

3-     (Local and International Partnership and Joint Ventures to Enter Global Markets).


Dr.Kamaran Mufty, General manager in the office of management, evaluation, and authorization in the investment board

Shwan Qaradaghi, Startup Support Manager

Alan Mahwi, PR & Media at Qaiwan

Moderator: Dr. Goran Mustafa


The Rwanga Foras International Job Fair 2020 was held in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Iraq, and the Ministry of Youth and Culture in Kurdistan. And sponsored by 31 companies:  Diamond Sponsors (QAIWAN Group, KOREK Telecom), Platinum Sponsors (HEMN Group, ERBIL INTERNATIONAL Hotel, KURDNEFT, FASTLINK),  Gold Sponsors (AL-HAYAT PEPSI, MRF Group, AD Media, RASAN Group, DARIN Group), Silver Sponsors (GEZAIRI, VANA, ASA Consultancy, GEG Reklam, AVESTA Group, ANDAZEARY RANG Group, FOX VIEW, HALABJA Group), Media Partners ( RUDAW, K24), Media Sponsors (NET TV, KURDISTAN TV, ZAGROS TV, WAAR TV, DUHOK TV, FALCON GROUP, HALABJA TV, MIX FM, M RADIO, BUSINESS MAGAZINE).