Conducting a Training About Solar Energy

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 11:06 AM

Sulaimani, KURDISTAN (October 6th, 2020) – Engineers Quarantine Project in coordination with the Rwanga Foundation conducts a seminar about solar energy design.


The seminar was held at the vocational training center in Sulaimani governorate with the aim of supporting youth and teaching them how to use and work with solar cells. The training was given by Blnd Bawajan – Trainer in the field of solar energy. The training was free and submissions were open to all. More than 20 trainees from the college of engineering participated in the training.


Many important topics about the mechanism and design of solar energy were explained during the training:

1-    Solar energy methodology

2-    The mechanism of solar energy

3-    Solar panel parts

4-    Solar energy issues

5-    Designing solar system for a 200 m2.

6-    Designing solar system for parks

7-    Designing solar system for water pumps


It is worth mentioning that Blnd Bawajan, has previously participated and successfully passed a (ToT) training that was conducted by the Rwanga Foundation.