Rwanga Foundation and The French Consulate Celebrate the World Environment Day

Monday, June 5, 2017 3:05 PM

KURDISTAN, Erbil (June 5th, 2017) - Rwanga Foundation participated in an event that was held by The French General Consulate in Erbil, in order to celebrate the World Environment Day and discuss ideas on how to improve and protect the Kurdish environment.

The event was held at the French Institute, and was attended by the German General Console of Erbil, the French General Console of Erbil, the Minister of State - Environmental Affairs and several NGOs.

Rwanga Foundation, as an active foundation in the environment sector, was officially invited to attend the event. A team from Rwanga Foundation, including Mr. Abdulsalam Medeni (Chief Executive Director) were present in the event. Mr. Medeni gave a brief information about the activities of the Rwanga Foundation, which were done to protect the environment. He also discussed the importance of recycling systems in Kurdistan, in order to convert the waste materials into new materials and objects. He also discussed the future plans of Rwanga Foundation to protect and improve Kurdistan's environment. Moreover, the German General Console and The French General Console showed their support and agreed with his proposed ideas.

Environment is one of the main four focal areas of Rwanga Foundation.To that end, Rwanga Foundation has designed and implemented many environment protection/improvement projects across Kurdistan Region including spreading awareness in schools, organizing Cleaning Campaigns, Producing water, electricity, cleanliness videos (in which were aired on TV channels for three months) and installing trash cans and environment awareness signes in the touristic and public places.

World Environment Day is an annual celebration started 1974 as an awareness and environment protection campaign. The campaign has grown to become a global event. The World Environment Day will be celebrated in over 143 countries annually.