Sarok Ali - Wecode Project

Sarok Ali is a resident of the new Halabja town and a third-year software engineering student at Salahaddin University. He attended the WeCode training courses daily from his dormitory room. After finishing the training, he was able to sell the project he worked on throughout the training due to its high quality.


Sarok is a graduate of the WeCode project's UX/UI Design Bootcamp; according to him, he learned about WeCode's training through Rwanga Foundation's official page and then filling out the registration form.


Sarok was one of the most active participants of the UX/UI Design training, and always played a key role in his team's task distribution and organization during the group's activities. "One of the most enjoyable activities we performed during the training was teamwork, which resulted in us exchanging ideas and information with other participants." he stated.


As part of WeCode's Bootcamp requirements, all participants must prepare and submit a graduation project . Furthermore, all participants are encouraged to publish their work on the Behance website, a platform in which designers from all over the world display their products and skills. The project that Sarok prepared was one of the best projects in the UX/UI bootcamp, and once it was published on the platform, he was approached and decided to sell his project outside of Kurdistan after some negotiation.



Sarok is currently continuing to further develop his skills, and he urges all young people interested in advancing their technology-related abilities to participate in WeCode trainings.  he also emphasized that skill development is achieved not only by attending the lessons, but also through active engagement in activities and trainings.


WeCode is an intensive training Bootcamp project implemented by Rwanga Foundation to remotely train youth in KRI with software development skills and provide adequate technical and soft skills to WeCode participants so that they qualify to land their first job as junior software developers. This project consists of different stages. First, a market assessment has been conducted to identify the skillsets needed in the technology companies operating in KRI. Then, through the training Bootcamp of WeCode, the selected youth would be trained on the technical and soft skills requested by the companies. At the final stage, WeCode’s graduates (after receiving complete training) would be introduced to the leading IT and technology companies to be able to work in this sector and take this career path.