Besaran Qasim - Rwanga Awards

Besaran Qasim

​Rwanga Awards 2019

Besaran Qasim is 23 years old, she won the first place at the Rwanga Awards 2019 in the poetry category. She was able to win the competition on Kurdistan level in which 544 participants were competing.

She began reading books when she was 17, at first she did not publish her poems and writings, the majority of her writings were about her personal life, in which she blended with the joy and sadness of life, she was able to write some poems from them.

When she heard about the Rwanga Awards, she considered it as a great opportunity to share her talents like any other talented youth. “I was very happy to participate, to share my talents and work, and I was certain that I was going to be successful and achieve a good level, I knew that Rwanga was a place for nurturing talented youth. That is why I worked on fixing my poem for more than 2 months in order to catch the attention of the judges”, said Besaran.

Besaran believes that Rwanga Awards encourages youth to take the necessary steps and participate in local and international competitions, in order to achieve their goals that are in the interests of individuals and the public.

This award was her starting point in displaying her talent to people and encouraging other talented youth that have not had such opportunities or have not had a place to showcase their achievements, it also helped her in boosting her confidence and this in turn makes her ready to participate in international competitions and win great awards like “Oscars”.