Payam Abdulla - Rwanga Awards

 Payam Abdulla Hama

Rwanga Awards 2019

Recycled art

Payam Abdulla is 24 years old, she won the first place at the Rwanga Awards 2019 in the Recycled art category,she was able to win the Rwanga Awards prize on the KRI level among hundreds of participants who have shown their talents.

Since secondary school, she has worked on her ideas and has always loved working on used pieces and recycling them, she always had dreams of participating in national and international competitions.

When she heard about the Rwanga Awards, she thought of participating in it and showing her talents. Payam says, “That was a very pleasant news for me, that is why I decided to work on an issue which the entire world is struggling with, after a lot of hard work I was able to present a product that was good enough to attract the judges, and I was gratefully able to win the first place”.

Winning at the Rwanga Awards encouraged Payam to work on some other ideas and projects, which helps people learn how to utilize used materials and recycle them.

Payam also mentioned that this award was a great experience for her; it helped her to improve her confidence and become motivated to participate in other international competitions.