Vesta Farhan - Mathematic Competition

 This story is about (Vesta Farhan Saeed ), she is from Hawler and was born in 2003.

Vesta was different since she was a little girl, she started to learn chess game in a very young age, which made her parents to admire her talent and support her. Although she went to a normal school but she knew more than her age which made the teachers and other students admire her smartness, her love for Mathematics was discovered in school.

Vesta’s love for Mathematics is like a circle where there is no end point, no sides to break and no angles to be measured, and that encouraged her to start solving logical Mathematical equations.

Her efforts paid off when she was accepted in a public school for talented students after taking two exams with 200 other students.

This school was an opportunity to show and improve her hidden skills, the dream of being a Math genius was a great motivation to start studying and reading (Algebra; Calculus) book, along with doing her school homework, in 9th grade she became the 2nd  successful student across the Kurdistan region.

Vesta was brave and never gave up on exams and changes, when Rwanga Foundation announced the Mathematics Competition, the school’s management decided to choose Vesta for the competition without any doubts because they trusted her cleverness and abilities.

Vesta was happy to take part in the Mathematics Competition while being busy with another competition about biology called (IBO, International Biology Olympiad), which is done annually across Iraq for the 10th, 11th , and 12th grades. Vesta finished the three stages and was able to get the 8th place across Iraq, she was the only 10th grade student that could reach that high level, and that was a proof that Vesta is more intelligent compared to other in her age and her colleagues.

Vesta did not prepare for the competition, as she believed that Mathematics is about numbers and equations and it needs understanding.

First stage: she was one of the 10 students who made it to the second stage among a big number of students.

Second stage:  She passed the exam successfully with five other students to compete on the title of Mathematic Champion in the final stage

Third stage: was special and important to Vesta because it was done live, she used to always deal with numbers only in her mind with herself, but this time it was in front of lots of people from inside and outside the hall who were watching the live competition. She started the competition with the slogan (Champions are never afraid).

During the competition, the questions had to be answered in a very short time, fast answers were one of the competition’s criteria, she was able to answer the questions one by one and collect higher marks than the other competitors.

The claps and support of her family, friends, and her school was a great motivation for Vesta.

Vesta reached the final stage which made the audience support her even more. She was able to succeed with the highest marks and became the Mathematics Champion.

It was the most beautiful and indescribable moment for Vesta, Her family, friends and her school were all very proud of her, she knew her love for Math was the main reason for this success, this experience motivated her to continue on her goals and never give up.

“Thank you Rwanga Foundation for creating opportunities for the talented youth, and showing their hidden talents, showing them the way and rising many young talented like me” said Vesta.