Nwa Hemn - Mathematic Competition

Nwa is a 16 years old girl; a student in (Gulli zarda highschool for girls) in Soran, the third winner of Mathematics Competition 2019 across Erbil, the reason that made Nwa participate in this competition and her cleverness in math was her familiarity with Mathematics world in a very young age.

Nwa’s mother started teaching her basic math before going to school, learning the basic equations and geometric shapes.

After going to school, she started to love and learn more about mathematics in each grade.

In 10th grade her school administration told her about Rwanga’s Mathematic Competition ( a competition like that was like a dream for Nwa, she always wanted for such competitions to exist in her own country just like there the other countries, Thanks to Rwanga for making this possible).

They told her that she was selected to participate in the competition in order for her to get ready, a reason for choosing her apart from her school high grades was her questions and discussions regarding Mathematical equations with her math teacher.

Nwa from that day started preparing herself to participate and to win in the first stage. With the information she had she started collecting and learning more on higher levels, which was a very hard thing to do in a short time, most of the days after school she was going to the teachers to collect more information she also visited Soran university, it was a beautiful learning  journey.

“The first stage was totally a new experience for me, where I had to solve all those questions in a short time, and after waiting for some time I was happy for knowing that I succeeded in the first stage.” She said.

After that she started preparing for the second stage, because of her knowledge about the competition she found the second stage easier.

The third stage was held live on April 29, it was another new experience for Nwa, but because of her preparations, her confidence, her family, friends, and god’s willing she was able to take the third place in the competition.

Although she was working hard to get the first place but winning the third place was a start to continue her mathematic world journey, and this encouraged her to participate in the international competition (Purple Comet).

Nwa sees her abilities in a different way to continue in this math world that she likes

She thanks Rwanga Foundation for being a friend of learning and development.