Rekar Hiwa - Mathematic Competition

Rekar Hiwa Ahmad, born on 12/10/2003. He lives in Halabja province, he started his educational journey in Sulaimani at the (Sarbarzi Typical School). He then returned to Halabja when he was second grade to continue studying there until fourth grade at the Hamduni School. Later on, he transferred to (Hassan Awa Primary School) to study fifth and sixth grades.

As regards high school studying, he joined the (Halabjay Shaheed Communal Boys' College), one of the united science colleges.

He is now an 11th-grade student at the same school. Despite his mother tongue, he can speak in English and Turkish languages well. In 8th and 9th grade, he participated in the Iraqi national project Olympiad (INPO), which is organized annually by the United Science Colleges, where it works on finding students' abilities and developing them.

In both years, he was able to win a gold medal. His desires were mainly in the field of biology, it’s worth mentioning that his success in the (INPO) competition was a result of improving these childhood hobbies.

During his early educational stages, Rekar had no interest in mathematics and wasn’t so much intelligent in the subject, he continued in this way until he reached sixth grade. Then with the support of his Math subject teacher, he achieved a unique result and then a desire towards the subject has been created.

Although in seventh grade, Rekar has participated in the American mathematics contest (AMC), he got a score of 4 out of 100. However, this result did not cause him despair and his efforts continued, Until 2019/2020, he was selected by his school to participate in the annual Mathematics Competition organized by the Rwanga Foundation. He took the first place in the first round of the competition at the Kurdistan level, and in the final stage of the competition, which was held live, he was able to win the second place.

It is worth mentioning that his school was a huge supporter for him from the beginning of the competition until the end. In addition, what is interesting is that during the Covid-19 outbreak when all education institutions were shut and education has stopped in Kurdistan, but despite all that, his teachers continued delivering the lessons online.

This achievement will not be marked as the last one in his life, but it is rather considered as new beginning for him to improve his mathematical skills, he is currently working on a higher level, and hopes to achieve greater success in the future.