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Mathematics Competition 2022

Mathematics Competition is one of the projects of the Rwanga Foundation that aims to encourage and motivate students to attend the science stream. The project creates a competition among students all over Kurdistan.

This year, 464 students representing their schools are participating in the competition. At the end of the project, first, second, and third place-winners will be announced and awarded. Moreover, the first place winner will get the title of ‘Mathematics Champion’ on the level of Kurdistan.

Mathematics Competition 2022 is implemented by Rwanga Foundation in coordination with the Ministry of Education. The Objectives of the project are to motivate the 10th grade students to attend the science stream at high school, and raise awareness of the parents about importance of science stream.


Stages of the Competition: 

Preliminary Test: 464 students will attend a mathematics unified test.

Quarter Final: 60 students will attend a mathematics unified test.

Semi Final: 6 students will attend a mathematics unified test.

Final Test: The final test will take place in Erbil with a competition among the three winners to select the ‘Mathematics Champion' among the 10th grade students in the science stream.


The competition will be held among 6 General Directorates of Education in the Kurdistan region and 464 students will be competing.


The directorates of Education:

·       Directorate of Education / Erbil

·       Directorate of Education / Sulaimani

·       Directorate of Education / Duhok

·       Directorate of Education / Halabja

·       Directorate of Education / Garmiyan

·       Directorate of Education / Kirkuk






1.     11 Directorates of Education / Erbil: 142 students

(Erbil Center, Rural Erbil, Erbil Suburbs, Koya, Choman, Khabat, Soran, Rawanduz, Shaqlawa, Mergasoor, Makhmoor).



2.     11 Directorates of Education / Sulaimani: 119 students

(Sulaimani West, Sulaimani East, Dukan, Darbandikhan, Sharbazher, Chamchamal, Said Sadeq, Penjwen, Sharazoor, Ranya, Pishdar).


3.     10 Directorates of Education / Duhok: 134 students

(Duhok East, Duhok West, Akre, Shekhan, Amedi, Simel, Shingal, Zakho, Talkef, Bardarash).


4.     3 Directorates of Education / Garmiyan: 32 students

(Kalar, Khanaqin, Kifri).

5.     Directorate of Education / Kirkuk: 23 students

6.     Directorate of Education / Halabja: 14 students



In order to motivate the students to compete and care more about the project’s main goal, the three winners will be awarded:

·       1st place winner will get $2,000 and $2,000 will be given to the school.

·       2nd place winner will get $1,500, and $1,500 will be given to the school.

·       3rd place winner will get $1250, and the school will get $1,250.