Planting 1000 Trees in Erbil

Monday, May 6, 2024 5:05 PM

Erbil, May 6, 2024,

To combat climate change and increase natural and urban forests in the Kurdistan Region, the Rwanga Foundation, sponsored by Oval Company, planted 1000 trees in the Zaiton+ neighborhood of Erbil.

In the Kurdistan region, the lack of forests and green spaces in residential areas has had a negative impact on the urban climate, so increasing and rebuilding forests is a necessity for our area.

The goal of the project:

  • Combating climate change in the Kurdistan Region.
  • Encouraging the culture of tree planting within the Kurdish community.
  • Re-greening the livelihoods and residential areas in the Kurdistan Region.

Why did we choose the Sisam tree?

 Sisam trees are suitable for the Kurdistan environment. The idea is not only to plant Sisam trees, but this type of tree is considered one of the most suitable for growing in cities. In addition to being compatible with the environment of the Kurdistan Region, it can withstand summer heat and grows much stronger than other trees.

What will this project change?

Planting 1,000 trees will absorb 24 tons of carbon dioxide per year and produce 118 tons of fresh air and oxygen in the same year. This is in addition to absorbing dust and harmful substances that we encounter daily. It will create shade for 6,000 square meters and reintroduce many species of birds and animals to the environment they should inhabit, rather than living in holes in blocks and concrete walls.