Multi-Year Resilience Program (MYRP)





Multi-Year Resilience Program (MYRP)

MYRP program intends to ensure inclusive quality education and psychosocial support for crisis-affected children, as well as providing access to learning opportunities for refugee and host community children and youth living in urban and camp settings in Sulaimani Governorate.


The schools will be made both safer and more accessible through the rehabilitation and the improvement of the learning environment. In particular, WASH interventions aiming at ensuring safe, accessible and dignified gender-separated facilities as well as giving access to CwD will be carried out to protect and increase retention of those vulnerable groups. Rehabilitation will include:

  •        Building of classrooms and provision of caravans.
  •        Improve the wellbeing and safety of learners.
  •        The professional development of teachers will also be supported, through a variety of technical trainings endorsed by MoEs.
  •        PTA’s members and education staff, improving their technical skills and introducing them to gender-sensitive, disability-friendly, and play-based education approaches.


At the end of this project, the capacity and sustainability of the education system will be strengthened on different levels.


Partners: SCI and INTERSOS

Target Location(s): Rania, Qaladze, Arbat, and Saidsadiq

Type: Refugee, Host Community, and IDPs.

Age: 6-14 years and +36 years.


Planned Number of Beneficiaries: 1458