Erbil Flood Response





Erbil Flood Response

Rwanga Foundation in partnership with Save the Children Iraq is proposing to deliver immediate cash and food assistance to the most vulnerable affected populations in Erbil in the following locations Zhyan, Daratw, Roshenberi, Grtjwtyar, and Qwshtapa. The proposed interventions will be in line with the Cash working group standards and food security cluster standards.

Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA): SCI’s MPCA assistance will be in line with the CWG standards of covering the SMEB (Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket )of 300$ for two months, targeting 125 families covering their basic needs of food, WASH, rent, electricity and others as specified in the CWG standards. SCI will prioritize the most vulnerable IDPs, and host communities with female-headed households, child headed households, families with low income, families with damaged shelters, families whom have lost their main source of income.


Food Distribution: In addition to the MPCA, SCI will distribute Food basket to additional 140 families with food assistance in line with the Food Security cluster recommendations food basket for one month to cover their basic needs for dry food.


Duration: Jan 1 till May 27 2022 (147 days)

Project Launching Day: Jan 1, 2022

Location: Erbil Governorate, Grt Jotyar, Rawshnbiri,Zhyan, Qushtapa, and Darato. 

Number of Beneficiaries: 265 families