You’re Not Alone Project





You’re Not Alone Project

The project is one of the initiatives of Rwanga Foundation in 2022 in cooperation with the General Directorate of Welfare and Social Development of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Erbil to establish the rehabilitation system of the Erbil orphanage. The project starts on Feb 20th and ends on Aug 18th, 2022.

The project is based on a detailed assessment that has been done to the Erbil orphanage to identify the gaps and needs of the orphanage. The number of the beneficiaries are 54 orphans (36 boys, and 18 girls) aged between 5 to 17 years old. The project includes developing a web application for the orphanage management to keep the database of the orphans, control daily, weekly, and monthly activities, case management forms and procedures, and rehabilitation and education programs. Through this project, 15 employees will be hired, and two capacity building trainings will be delivered about supervision and contemporary orphanage management techniques.

You’re Not Alone project plays a vital role in building empowered resilient individuals in the community, especially supporting those children who have faced domestic violence. The main goal of the project is to rehabilitate and empower the orphans in the matter of psychological, educational, and intellectual skills alongside showcasing their potentials to ensure a bright and stable future. The project is a combination of using technology and human resource to achieve its goal. Our vision is to develop a strong management system for all the orphanages across Iraq in the future.


Start date of the project: February 20, 2022

End date of the project: August 18, 2022