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Messages From Children

Messages from Children is an annual competition of Rwanga Foundation which encourages students at primary stage to express their thoughts enthusiastically through art about (Loving the Nation) in the form of a painting.

Grade 1-6 students can participate in the competition. Later, an evaluation committee of experienced professional painters will select the best 50 paintings to be displayed in the KRI parliament building. The project is in coordination with the Ministry of Education and The Kurdistan Parliament.


Who can apply:

·        Grade 1-6 students from the Ministry of Education KRI can participate in the competition.

·        A3 size papers should be used for the paintings.

·        The paintings should be colored.

·        Applicants should participate in the competition by only one painting.

·        The applied paintings should be kept until the evaluation process is completed.


How to Apply:

·        The applications will be received through WhatsApp and Viber (0750 287 0222)

·        The students must send a photo of the painting/drawing.

·        Applicants should also send the below information (Full Name, Age, Gender, Grade, School Name, City, Phone No).


Deadline: November 15, 2021