Entrepreneurship Development Programme





Entrepreneurship Development Programme

This project is to encourage young people to start their business, and it will provide financial assistance to young people for the Entrepreneurship Development in Koya. Entrepreneurship trainings are held for 60 participants to develop their skill, and at the end of the project, 20 of them will be funded.

The project is funded by the “European Union” and in partnership with UNDP, Rwanga Foundation and Erbil Governor Office, the implementing body is Koya University.

Implementation stages:

​•                 Stage I: Selection of the EDP trainees

•                 Stage II: Training of the EDP trainees

•                 Stage III: Writing of individual business plans

•                 Stage IV: Competition of Business Plans

•                 Stage V: Provision of the Financial Support

•                 Stage VI: Mentoring of the Founded Small Businesses