Lets Beat Corona





Lets Beat Corona

UNDP Iraq, in partnership with Rwanga Foundation, “funded by the @European Union In Iraq, through the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the #EUMadadFund, launched
the #LetsBeatCorona campaign in KRI to raise awareness on #Covid-19 and inspire emotional and practical #Collective Action to beat the ongoing challenges brought by this pandemic. The campaign spreads awareness and provides instruction to the people on how to be protected. 

#LetsBeatCorona campaign’s goal is to create an awareness offline and online , on multiple media platforms. 

Offline awareness materials include:

- Posters 

- Car stickers

- Floor stickers

- Pin badges

- Billboards at checkpoints and refugee camps    

Online awareness materials include:

- E-posters 

- Online profile frame

- Videos 

- Photos 

- Online competitions 

- Viber Messages:   

- Media reports

Start date of the campaign: June 2020

End date of the campaign: September 2020