Volunteer Youth Project 2020





Volunteer Youth Project 2020

Volunteer Youth Project 2020

Rwanga Foundation, in collaboration with Waar TV Launches the “Volunteer Youth” project in Duhok governorate, which urges young males and females to submit proposals for their projects and participate in the funded and supported the competition by Rwanga Foundation to implement their projects to serve the society.

After the end of the application period, a committee of specialists will evaluate and select the best ten projects that will be recorded and broadcasted by WAAR TV through a special program.

Themes of the Project

The proposals of the projects should focus on the below sectors

  • Education
  • Youth      
  • Environmental
  • Vulnerable Groups



  • Spreading and promoting the volunteerism spirit among youth. 
  • Benefiting from the energies of youth in serving the community.  
  • Supporting young people by highlighting their initiatives.   


  • 01/08/2020 until 01/09/2020 application of initiatives (31 days)
  • 01/09/2020 until 14/09/2020 projects evaluation and Selection. 
  • 15/09/2020 until 28/2/2021 implementing the initiatives.  
  • The ceremony of presenting the projects and their outcomes will take place in the 28 of February 2021.

General Criteria 

  •  The project should be voluntary based and for the well being of public benefiting; at least 100 people should benefit from each project.
  •  Each group of volunteers should consist of 8-12 youth members aged 15-35.  
  •  Total cost of each project should not exceed 1000 $.  
  •  A group that includes both females and males will be given priority.  
  •  A group that includes members of people with special needs are highly recommended.  
  •  Groups should not represent any formal governmental, non-governmental, commercial or political organization or institution.  
  •  Project proposals should be submitted including narrative and budget breakdown as well as other supporting documents including photos, maps, designs, and approvals, as necessary.  
  •  The project budget should not include salaries or any type of stipends to the volunteers, as it is a volunteer-based initiative.  
  •  Projects should fall under one of the programs of Rwanga Foundation of Education, Youth, Environment or Vulnerable Groups.  
  •  The duration of the project implementation should not exceed seven days.  
  •  A special committee of experts will review the applications and select the best ten submitted projects to be funded.