Rwanga Foras International Job Fair





Rwanga Foras International Job Fair

 As one of the main objectives of Rwanga Foras is linking the job seekers, mainly the youth and fresh graduates, with employers and building a bridge of communication for the best benefit of both, Rwanga Foundation holds the Rwanga Foras International Job Fair annually. which is a unique networking opportunity for employers and recruiters from various sectors including private, public, profitable and non-profit local and international organizations to gather under one roof to meet and communicate with prospective job seekers.  

 The companies and organizations have the opportunity to increase brand awareness and make conversation with the real talented, but also non-traditional, candidates rather than just CVs. The companies and organizations meet and network with other corporations and make a vital bridge to connecting in mutually beneficial way. The companies and organizations contribute to improve the living conditions of the people at the current challenging economic situation.