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Providing Computers to Nanakali Hospital

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 8:21 PM

Erbil, KRI (May 4, 2021) - Rwanga Foundation in coordination with Burger King provided four all in one computers to the Nanakali Hospital for blood diseases & cancer as part of the fundraising project that was held to collect donations for children with cancer.


The Idea of this fundraising goes back to November 2020, when Burger King decided to celebrate its anniversary with a special fundraising campaign, and the revenues of this day was all donated to provide support to children with cancer. Burger King in coordination with Rwanga Foundation held this fundraising campaign on November 19th, 2020.


After the fundraising campaign, a team from Rwanga Foundation in coordination with Burger King team visited the Nanakaly Hospital in order to conduct an assessment. “We found out that due to the lack of the quality of computers and the old versions they had, information of patients including kids with cancer could not be recorded on the hospital database on time and properly. Also, this support is helpful to make the process easier and more organized’’ said Ari Aladdin Rajab, Project Manager at Rwanga Foundation.


Mr. Kirmanj Mohammed Omar (Administration Manager at Nanakali Hospital) said “As the hospital administration, such kind of projects support us and serves the patients that visit the hospital on a daily basis. It also encourages more donors and other organizations to support us continuously, thanks to Burger King and Rwanga Foundation ''.