Beekeeping Training in Halabja

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 3:49 AM

Halabja, KRI (March 9, 2021) – Rwanga Foundation conducted a 4 day training about Beekeeping for 18 youths in Halabja Governorate to learn skills to become good beekeepers. The training covered the topics of Bee world, Bee types, Bee lifestyle, Apiary management, the components of the Honeybee colony, Honeybee life cycle.

The 4-day training was delivered to 18 youths (10 male, 8 female) about beekeeping and modern, scientific farming.

 “It is sad to say that in Kurdistan mostly beekeepers handle their bees traditionally without paying attention to those pests, diseases, and problems affecting bees’ life and its products. The beekeepers must be careful about Handling beehives, feeding beehives, beehive nutrition, movement of beehives, and some other techniques then expecting good products. As well as, organizing these kinds of training help to increase beekeeping carrier. As a result, beekeeping will progress, and national products increase” said Dana Azizi, the trainer.

Rozhen Khasraw (28 years old female) one of the participants of the training. She has planned to start a beekeeping carrier.’’ I was nervous when I started to build my project because I have bought 30 beehives but I only knew a little about it. Fortunately, I had this chance to attend these four days of training. Now, I have learned a lot of necessary information about bee’s life cycle, disease management, honey extraction, harvesting and processing honey more skillfully’’.

The training was conducted to encourage youth to work on keeping bees as a source of income and changing the traditional way of beekeeping to the scientific methods and increasing national honey products. Beekeeping is one of the useful means of strengthening livelihoods, especially for youth since they could start their business with a small amount of money especially in Halabja Governorate, where we have lots of villages and good places for keeping honeybees.